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Animal Agri-Tech

Strategic Partnerships & Industry Expertise

Collaborative Approach: We partner closely with businesses to understand their challenges and develop tailored solutions.

Deep Industry Knowledge: Our team are actively engaged in agricultural research, along with commercial expertise in animal health, genetics, and nutrition.

UK Government Relations: Extensive experience working with UKRI & Innovate UK, DBT, Defra, and BEIS to grow your business and secure funding opportunities.

Global Expansion Expertise

Proven Track Record: Our business leader possesses extensive international experience in scaling companies through export strategies, joint ventures, foreign direct investment, and strategic offshoring.

Global Network & Insights: Our team has a deep understanding of international agri-tech landscapes and ecosystems, having worked extensively in the USA, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Government Partnerships: We leverage strong relationships with UK government bodies like the Department for Business & Trade and Innovate UK to facilitate international opportunities for your business.

Real-World Experience & Innovation

From Farm to Future: We combine hands-on farming experience with cutting-edge startup & corporate knowledge to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Technical Expertise & Data Driven: Our team brings a strong background in commercial genetics, data analysis, and a passion for innovation.

Technology applied to: pigs, poultry, dairy, beef and sheep.

Building a Sustainable Future

Systems Thinking: We take a comprehensive approach, considering the entire supply chain from pre-farm to consumer to optimize efficiency and sustainability.

Collaborative Innovation: We foster partnerships between stakeholders to drive system-wide improvements, like regional animal health programs.

Funding & Grant Procurement: We have a successful track record of building consortia and managing bids to secure funding.

Investor Network Access: Our team is actively connected with a network of investors passionate about supporting advancements in Agri-tech to support a sustainable future.

Animal Science

Genetics and Animal Science Expertise

We offer in-depth knowledge applicable to companies of all sizes.

Academic & Industry Bridge

We maintain close relationships with leading animal science academics, keeping you at the forefront of industry advancements.

Strategic Innovation Scouting

We utilize horizon scanning and technology scouting to identify emerging trends and ensure alignment with your company’s strategic goals.

Business, Innovation & Strategy

Holistic Value Chain Analysis – see the bigger picture

We take a Whole-chain perspective, ensuring your strategies optimise efficiency and profitability at every stage.

Strategy and innovation alignment

We facilitate the linking of business strategies and innovation pipelines to accelerate or shorten the journey from idea to market.

Proven Team Innovation Leadership

We possess extensive expertise in leading and managing teams, fostering a culture of innovation and maximizing their creative potential.

Unlocking Funding Opportunities

Grant Expertise

A proven track record of securing funding through leading and managing applications to UK government bodies and NGOs.

Investor Network Access

We leverage our extensive network of investors passionate about Agri-Tech advancements to deliver a sustainable future, connecting you with the right partners to fuel your business growth.

Proven Team Innovation Leadership

We possess extensive expertise in leading and managing teams, fostering a culture of innovation and maximizing their creative potential.

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