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ISCF Transforming Food Production Competition Challenge

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I am attending the Briefing Event at Birmingham on the 29th August.  I am keen to collaborate with companies, especially in supply chain applications, to develop bids. I look forward to meeting people there and if you would like to discuss potential applications prior to the meeting please call 01653 694490 or email

David Telford of the UK’s KTN provides some details on the KTN LinkedIn page:

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Productive and sustainable crop and ruminant agricultural systems

Competition opens 20 August 2018

Competition closes 24 Oct 2018 at 12 noon

Projects can include:

combining digital technologies and engineering solutions with biological, environmental and/or social science

developing technologies and solutions that connect farms and supply chains

transferring technology from another sector into agriculture, providing this requires innovation

InnovateUK will fund 2 types of projects:

  1. productivity solutions to a single challenge
  2. supply chain solutions involving multiple interventions

Projects must be business-led.

Projects with total costs of:

  • under £100,000 can be single or collaborative but must be led by an SME
  • £100,000 or more must be collaborative and involve an SME

Discuss with Sam Hoste of Quantech Solutions

If you are considering or have a project that may be eligible please call Dr Sam Hoste of Quantech Solutions for a confidential and independent discussion of how we can assist you in a bid. Please call 01653 694490 or email

Full competition details are available here