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Genetic Services


Sam Hoste has had responsibility for the genetic and technical programmes within companies developing new lines, new software and AI products and undertaken business and technical appraisal of genomics projects.

Quantech Solutions provides practical services to implement the use of quantitative genetics, genetic markers and reproductive technologies at commercial farm level to make financially beneficial genetic gains for our customers.

Quantech Solutions work with a number of companies in Europe, North America and Russia. The extent of the involvement varies from providing advice, assisting clients develop their own future development strategy and establishing their own genetic programmes.

We have expert knowledge of animal breeding software such as PigBlup, PEST and VCE.

There are many areas of farming where a pair of “genetic eyes” in addition to your colleagues, veterinarians and nutritionists will provide a beneficial addition to your management. Practical on-farm genetics is about improving financial return. We can help with practically implementing a successful breeding improvement programme for your farm.


Our background in quantitative genetics has necessarily involved the use of statistics. This is applied in the statistical analyses we undertake for clients providing objective information upon which to make data based decisions. Our commercial experience and involvement in agriculture is essential in helping solve problems and to make informed decisions for the future. We have expert knowledge of statistical software such as SAS and R.

Where Next?

The themes of business, genetics and statistics provide the foundation of Quantech Solutions’ services to agricultural and genetics companies. There is no single way that we operate; the type of service that is provided is developed through discussion with our clients.

This is a brief introduction to Quantech Solutions. To find out more please contact Dr Sam Hoste.

We work with a carefully selected network of colleagues to complement our skills. This includes expert knowledge in marketing, technical food services, computing and databases, nutritional advice and molecular genetics. This provides companies with the flexibility to ensure that you have the right people for the right time.

Listed below are some of the many companies we have worked with.