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Could animal production become a profession?

2019-01-15T09:02:16+00:00By |News|

David Fraser from Canada has asked whether “Animal Production become a profession?”. This question is of interest to many of us who have been involved in agriculture and agricultural science. David argues that measuring animal welfare in terms of an animals’ physical environment closely parallels

Action Learning

2019-01-15T09:01:06+00:00By |News|

Frequently our business involves group participation ( e.g. the Mongastric Centre of Excellence and the BPEX Pig Health initiatives).  I have focussed on Action Learning as a technique as it is quite powerful and can be used within and across companies. I was involved in

Citizen Science

2019-01-15T08:59:10+00:00By |News|

Is it reinventing science? There are important uses – for example in cancer People become really engaged in the science It is currently the new buzzword for data collection by the public Waitrose has a citizen science bee app What are the potential uses

Communicating with consumers

2019-01-15T08:57:59+00:00By |News|

"Is it time we modify how we communicate with consumers?" by Dr Sam Hoste, Quantech Solutions. It is time to modify how we communicate with consumers. I believe this message is true for all agricultural sectors, the animal sectors especially and for the scientists involved.

Better Practices – why not Best Practice

2019-01-15T08:56:56+00:00By |News|

"Best practice" implies that there is only ONE way and this is not always the case, i.e. one size does not fit all.  If there was only one best way to do something each company would be doing or trying to do the same

Appreciative Inquiry

2019-01-15T08:49:38+00:00By |News|

Develop collaboration and ideas in you supply chain through Appreciative Inquiry Appreciative Inquiry is a change management technique that finds the best or discovers the best or brings out the best ideas and thoughts that people have. It can also be called a “strengths

Real Change

2019-01-15T08:46:26+00:00By |News|

Quantech Solutions provide tailored change management that utilise a variety of techniques, but importantly are right for your business. One size does not fit all. We have practical experience in multi-stakeholder environments with multiple firms in local food supply chains. We have worked with

Trials from start to end

2019-01-15T08:45:15+00:00By |News|

Quantech has considerable practical ‘muddy boots’ experience of designing, organising and managing commercial trials on-farm and in processing plants. The company has experience of developing databases (ACCESS, SQL Server for standalone, intranet or internet) and using statistical packages such as SAS and SPLUS together

Earth Observation data to measure and predict grass biomass

2019-01-15T08:44:01+00:00By |News|

Summary Quantech Solutions assisted the Satellite Application Catapult manage an Innovate UK project that used satellites and modelling and longitudinal grass measurements to predict grass growth. Quantech Solutions managed the interactions between the Satellite Applications Catapult, Cranfield University and the Agri-EPI Centre demonstration farm

Participatory projects

2019-01-15T08:41:54+00:00By |News|

NPA New Digest extract Quantech Solutions design and run participatory workshops.  Participatory workshops involve people within a company or a community of stakeholders and allow them to participate in the decision process.  Within agriculture we have had a long interest in the agricultural development work of

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