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Appreciative Inquiry

2019-01-15T08:49:38+00:00By |News|

Develop collaboration and ideas in you supply chain through Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a change management technique that finds the best or discovers the best or brings out the best ideas and thoughts that people have. It can also be called a “strengths based approach” in that it discovers people’s strengths and amplifies these.

It is a relatively new approach to change management, however it has been widely used in companies such as British Aerospace and the BBC. It is also frequently used with sports teams to bring out the best in players and teams.

We have used the technique in local food supply chains for a major UK retailer to encourage vertical collaboration, i.e. encouraging collaboration between supplier and buyer, but also to encourage horizontal collaboration as a learning tool between stores and between suppliers.
  • What works best?
  • What is a really good idea and could be used elsewhere?
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