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Action Learning

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Frequently our business involves group participation ( e.g. the Mongastric Centre of Excellence and the BPEX Pig Health initiatives).  I have focussed on Action Learning as a technique as it is quite powerful and can be used within and across companies.

I was involved in an Action Learning group organised through the SME Knowledge Network at the management school at the University of Leeds that comprised Directors of regional firms.  We all found the Action Learning method useful to our businesses and ourselves personally, and those contacts have remained largely in place after time.  If you are interested in participating in this sort of learning forum please get in touch.

What is Action Learning?

As the term “Action Learning” is possibly unfamiliar here’s a short explanation
Action Learning is just that: Learning through Action.

Taking Action –Learning from Action – Planning further Action – and Learning from that

An Action Learning Set is a group of people who come together voluntarily to help each other take action on issues for which they have no readily available answer.  The group is committed to learning from the exploration of the topic that they have presented.  Each person presents in turn and the others question to support and enable the presenter to reach their own conclusions of what action to take next.

  • It is more than a simple support group as each Member takes Action on their own issue, after reflection with the group.
  • It is also an unusual situation where a group of people focus all their attention on supporting one person at a time.