Innovative business solutions in agrifood and bioscience supply chains

Sam Hoste
Sam Hoste

We assist companies commercialise their ideas, exploit business opportunities and improve their profitability.

We would like the opportunity to discuss how we can work alongside you, your business and your team to deliver sustainable solutions.  We know that there is not one solution and we will take the time to understand your business needs. 

For an informal discussion please telephone (01653 694490) or email Sam Hoste.

Knowledge Exchange workshop organised for BSAS
Knowledge Exchange workshop organised for BSAS

We provide a range of services including:

  • Strategy (Business strategy, marketing and decision making)
  • Innovation expertise (Open Innovation and the people aspects of developing an innovation culture)
  • Change management (within firms and across supply chains)
  • Knowledge management (How is knowledge managed, exchanged and used to create new knowledge. Knowledge Transfer is a key task for business leaders.  It is Innovation Communication with staff, customers and suppliers. )
  • Value chain management 


Core technical skills

We have core technical skills in genetics, animal science, experimental design and statistical data analysis.

Prioritising international best practicise
Prioritising international best practicise


Recent assignments

Recent assignments include Monogastric Centre of Excellence application, breeding companies, an egg industry project, multi-national retailer supply chain, various grant funded projects, strategic marketing for a scientific society, national collaborative animal health improvement, and international best practices in the primary and processing sectors.